Turn Twitter Threads into a WordPress Post

Have you ever considered migrating your Twitter Threads to your WordPress blog? You can now do it in one click with the WP TW Threads plugin.

And after downloading the plugin?

First of all, get the API Consumer Key and API Consumer Key Secret there (you may log in with your Twitter Account).

Then go to the WP TW Settings, and enter the API Keys in their respective fields.

And then ?

Select the URL of the First Tweet of your Thread.

Then, in the Post Edit Page, paste the URL in the dedicated field.

That’s it!

All the Tweets from your Thread have been imported into your Post.

Then, you just have to publish the post.

Et voilĂ !

One “more” thing …

If your Thread / Tweets include some #hashtags, these laters will be converted to Post Tags.

If some of your tweets contain ReTweets, these will be integrated in a visible way.

The videos or .gif of your tweet / retweet will be embed and readable.

If you are an old school one, the plugin also works with Classical Editor.

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